The single source of truth for your eCommerce business.

All your reports on acquisition, retention and profitability, integrated from all data sources. In-depth insights, always up-to-date and set up in 2 hours.

Über 1.100 Merchants lieben Klar

„Klar is our single source of truth, helping us display and present data to everyone in the company and assists us in delving deep into different analytical tasks.”

Philipp Nass,
Co-Founder and CMO @ HOLY

How Klar can help you

Stay on top of your bottom line.

Slice & dice through your data to identify where you need to scale to maximize profits.

Know where to allocate your marketing budget

Media buying has become a lot harder. Our first-party attribution solution brings back clarity and tells you what is working down to the ad level.

See what's working

Ad creatives are key to win. Our creative reports combines the data and the creative to your team to scale acquisition.

Full Scope

Every report an eCom brand needs at one place. With the broadest scope around Acquisition, Retention & Profitability.


Transparent, Data-Driven Attribution makes the difference in allocating marketing budget effectively.


Highest customization & accuracy for each individual business. For maximum reliability in every number.

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